Unique is a Thoroughbred gelding, born in Greece in 2008. From the first to the fourth year of his life he worked in the racetrack.

He is the inspirational source for the establishment of Unique Horsemanship – to which he gave his name.

From September 2017, Unique participates in our programs.




Helios is an American Quarter gelding, born in Italy in 2011. He was trained in western riding style. His life had many difficulties until 2015, when a Greek femal doctor loved him and brought him in Greece.

After a while she donated him at Unique Horsemanship, where he participates in its programs from December 2016.





Persephone is a female Skyrian horse, born in Greece in 2016. She came to our stables in March 2018.

Because of her young age she participates in our programs in special occasions and for very special activities.