Electra Assilian

She was born and raised in Athens. From the age of eight she starts her involvement with horse riding. In 2009 he enters the Psychology Department of the Panteion University, which she finishes in 2013.

At the same time, in 2011, while trying to “marry” the science of psychology with her great love – the horses – she begins to focus on the scientific subject of educational-therapeutic riding, by attending at various educational seminars and offering volunteer work to various special education structures.

In 2012 at Corfu island, she meets Franklin Levinson, the world-wide known horse whisperer, from whom she is taught the art of training and communication with horses through compassion, understanding and trust.

Returning to Athens, she decides to start her own educational and healing practice with horses and people, using the approach she was taught. She works in various contexts as a riding instructor, a therapeutic riding instructor and a horse trainer by 2015. At the end of the same year she begins her specialization in Systemic / Family Psychotherapy.

On the occasion of the arrival of a “naughty” horse – Unique – in 2015 with a group of supporters she founds Unique Horsemanship, of which she is the “soul”.

In 2018 she completed her studies on Therapeutic Riding, by gaining her licence as a Therapeutic Riding Instructor by the International Federation H.E.T.I. (Horses in Education and Therapy).

Since 2018, she collaborates with alternative therapists, who serve the programs of Unique Horsemanship