Holistic Training of Horse & Owner

Many physical and mental behaviors of horses are the result of a mixture of human intervention, various environmental factors and circumstances, as well as genetic predisposition. Horses are emotionally sensitive animals. This means that they perceive and absorb energies from their environment, which many times we humans cannot perceive. We could compare them to emotional “sponges”.

Even if there is no immediate obvious reason for the occurrence of a “socially unacceptable behavior” (e.g. aggression, phobias, constant accidents), or a psychosomatic illness (e.g. atopic dermatitis, ulcers, colic) in a horse, its main operator participates in this condition, as it is called upon to invest materially and emotionally in dealing with them.

The approach we follow is that the twin horse-man is perceived as the “organs” of a single organism, operating independently of each other and interacting. Therefore, when one organ is “sick”, it is almost sure that the health of the other is also affected.

The goal of the program is to recognize the difficulties on a physical and psychological level, as well as to address them, with the ultimate goal of bridging the relationship and upgrading it.


Therefore, the program is aimed at horses that show aggression or phobias at a general or specific level, chronic stress, physical health issues with unclear veterinary diagnosis, and owners who wish to grow and evolve through their relationship with their horse.

The program is provided throughout Attica, in the living area of the horse, and at a frequency according to the ability and need of animal and human. For areas outside Attica, we agree upon a protocol of three (or more) sessions, and then with follow up sessions via Skype.

The means we seek to use in our program are a combination of Training & Counseling methods as well as Alternative Therapies, always depending on the needs of the animal and the human.