Psychoterapy with Horses

A lion is approaching a river. On the opposite bank is a herd of horses resting. Horses are initially alert, but within minutes they are calm and continue to enjoy the water and the sun. They realize that the lion is not hungry, that he has no intention of attacking them, and that he has just come to quench his thirst. And so the alarm goes off.

The ability of horses to “read” whoever is in front of them is what has helped them survive and evolve from prehistoric times to the present.

Horses perceive our energy, thoughts and feelings, and respond to them without hesitation and second thoughts. They live in the “here and now”, and respond to the stimuli they receive every single moment. They may not know our past and beliefs cognitively, but they do feel them. They may not know what has happened in our day and how much it has affected us. After all, sometimes we can’t even figure it out ourselves. Thus, their own behavior can provide us with information that we do not know about ourselves, and bring it to the surface, helping us to understand it and ultimately process it.

The Psychotherapy with Horses program is aimed at adults aged 19 and over, and includes dialectical psychotherapy, meditation and interaction with horses. It is possible – and sometimes recommended – to be combined with other alternative treatments.

The sessions begin with classical psychotherapy in an office environment, in order to identify the nuclear issues that concern the participant and to establish a relationship of trust with the psychotherapist – coordinator of the program. The duration of this part of the program is not specific. The therapist decides when the patient is ready to be admitted to the next part, which is the interaction with the horses. There is a possibility that there will be changes of the place of the program, depending on the needs of the human, always after a discussion with him.

The program is also aimed at people with mobility difficulties.