Self Knowledge & Personal Development with Horses

Adolescents are always a special social group, as they often experience drastic changes in their body and soul, as they look for ways to shape their own identity and become independent of their parents. They also often experience internal conflicts, which cause them strong emotions that are externalized in “difficult” ways, also making it difficult to connect and collaborate with other people.

Horses, as excellent users of body language, recognize the mental and physical condition of the person who comes in contact with them, and respond to it without criticism. Therefore, we often see that they provide a constant feedback on what the adolescent is feeling, helping him to recognize it, to “bring it” to the conscious level, and therefore to be able to process it.

The Self-Knowledge & Personal Development program with Horses is addressed to teenagers aged 13-18. The adolescent comes in contact and interaction with the animals, while at the same time he can discuss and process issues that concern him with the coordinator – psychologist of the program.

For adolescents with severe difficulties (e.g., accumulated anger, aggression, self-harm, social withdrawal), it is important for parents to attend counseling sessions at a frequency appropriate to their needs.

The program can – and sometimes needs to – be combined with alternative therapies, both for teens and their parents.